Teeth whitening

Everyone dreams of a snow-white smile, but daily consumption of tea, coffee, wine, or different types of products with a noticeable color or smoking are not irrelevant to shade of our teeth. Standard oral hygiene eliminates the portion of the acquired stains, but to get rid of these intense, the dentist’s help is necessary. Thanks to the development of technology, restoration of teeth whiteness is available to almost everyone. During the process of teeth whitening we use only proven and painless methods that guarantee effectiveness. After a prior consultation we select those most appropriate form for a particular person's dental condition and the level of discoloration, so we can give our patients comfort and long-lasting effect. One method employed by us is whitening with Beyond system, giving the most effective results in this field of dentistry. The whole process is very simple and customer friendly. It does not damage the enamel and does not increase a tooth sensitivity. Removing of stains is based on photochemical reactions generated by activating special gel applied to the tooth surface by the blue light rays. The procedure takes only 45 minutes, and with proper oral hygiene allows you to enjoy the result for a long time.