Malocclusion, despite appearances, is not only a matter of cosmetics. Some of the disorders are associated with morphological abnormalities, which in turn can lead to occurrence of dental caries, periodontal diseases, speech defects and many other complications.

An individual should consult related issues and react as soon as possible. Braces can also help in the treatment process – during the preparation period before the implementation of implants. A multitude of different types of braces and their appearance allows to select the most suitable to the preferences of the patient, aiding the healing process, but also completing the patient’s look. Each one is individually prepared to the specific case, which allows easily to correct the defect. The treatment can last from less than a year to up to three years - it all depends on what treatment plan will be prepared by an orthodontist, based on cephalometric and panoramic X-rays , detailed examination of the occlusion and the muscle function and the dental diagnostic impressions. The extraordinary advantage of our clinic is the use of the Invisalign method by which the teeth are straightened using a set of clear, overlay templates -called „Aligners”. Aligners are made to the individual order, the patient replaces them every two weeks, which provide gradual, but at the same time very precise correction of occlusion.