First appointment

The first contact with the patient is particularly important for us. The impression from the visit, for a long time will down in his consciousness, which is why we make sure that it will be devoid of fear, overwhelm, and possibly the most enjoyable. From the beginning, the patient can rely on the specific support of our receptionists, who bring him the details of how the clinic works and clarify issues related to the performance of  dental treatment. Our staff will talk about the idea of the clinic that combines treatment rooms with a small art gallery. They will also help to choose the appropriate timing of visits and will remain in constant contact with the patient.

Naturally, also our doctors are available at your disposal. First visit does not have to involve directly with the performance of the procedures. It can take the form of a patient's cognitive interview with dentist, which will help undoubtedly to build an atmosphere of mutual trust.The next step will be a detailed dental examination, the presentation of a treatment plan, and then the start of individual treatments.