Our team

Maciej Walski DMD

Endodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry, Surgery


A graduate of the Jagiellonian University.
From the beginning of postgraduate clinical training he extends the practical and theoretical knowledge, working under the guidance of eminent specialists in the fields of conservative dentistry and surgery. He gained an experience in many renowned institutions both private and public. He is constately broadening his knowledge by participating in many conferences and courses. Among his professional interests could be mentioned: conservative dentistry and dental surgery with implantology. He is a member of the Polish Endodontic Society (PTE). He is characterized by an unusual level of empathy and high attention to detail, to aesthetics and accuracy of the performed treatment at work. He is a doctor of "difficult cases" and as he himself says, "he treats his patients as he would like to be treated". He has also a very good contact with the youngest patients. In our clinic he mainly deals with endodontics(microscopic root canal therapy), aesthetic dentistry and surgery. Creating with friends the „Dentium Clinic”, he set a target to arrange a special place for his patients, which does not associate with pain and suffering, but allows to obtain a beautiful, white and wide smile. In his spare time he is an enthusiast of tennis, cycling and meeting with friends