Dental treatment abroad

Dental Treatment Abroad

Taking care of oral hygiene in our modern world is extremely important. The world goes increasingly faster, people have much less time. 
At each step, threats to your teeth and gums await - wrong eating habits, stress or lack of time.

Therefore, for us the most important are preventive measures. We pay special attention to patients by sharing our knowledge of what they should do for their teeth to keep them strong, healthy and beautiful. It is extremely important here to instill proper eating habits and even proper brushing teeth, not forgetting about appropriate oral hygiene and regular visits to the specialist.

4HealthTravelDent will always do everything possible to ensure that you are introduced to a medical expert who accurately meets your personal expectations.

During our free consultations we pass on tips to help you take care of teeth. We focus on education for both adults and children. We emphazise how to react to the first symptoms of disease and encourage to make periodic dental inspections.

Our imaging laboratory is equipped with the highest quality equipment for digital X-ray diagnostic system, produced by the “Carestream” brand , including a pantomograph and a RVG apparatus. This type of equipment allows to perform a very clear X-rays, regardless of the type of the image. Thanks to the fact that the images are made almost immediately after taking X-rays, shortens the waiting time of the patient. Also, the position in which the X-ray is taken, gives the patient a sense of comfort. We care about the patient safety, so the radiation dose is significantly reduced. Thanks to the fact, that our offices are fully equipped, each patient undergoes a comprehensive medical examination in the shortest possible time.




Dental travel in Poland

4Health Travel Dent offers you a wide range of options of dental treatment in Krakow and helps you to obtain a healthy and charming smile.

  • Diagnostics
  • Prophylaxis
  • Implantology
  • Teeth whitening
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthetics
  • Endodontics
  • Pedodotics


Dentium Clinic has been established for the purpose of providing our patients with the highest level of dental treament at reasonable price.

Possibility of up to 80% savings on foreign prices

Treatment procedures focused on the elimination of stress and pain

Highly-qualified team of English speaking specialists

The highest quality of equipment (“A – dec” chairs, digital diagnostic X-ray equipment: “Carestream” panoramic system (a pantomograph and a RVG apparatus, to take digital pictures of individual teeth), dental microscope KAPS, the Beyond whitening system, the Biomet 3i implant system and many others.





What is medical tourism?

Due to the extremely high costs of healthcare in Western Europe, people are seeking out low cost, high quality medical treatment options in Poland with medical tourism, often while combining a vacation in a relaxing setting

Who are medical tourists?

Medical tourists are in general inhabitants of industrialized nations of the world and usually from Scandinavia, Canada, The United States, Great Britain, Australia, Western Europe, and the Middle East. But more often clients from many other countries of the world are looking for places where they can receive their medical care at an affordable cost.


Isn’t it more expensive and time consuming to fly abroad to obtain the treatment?

Despite the fact that, there are additional costs related to flights and accommodation, the total cost of medical treatment in Poland is significantly lower than in Scandinavia, Western Europe and the United States. This compensates for the travel expenses.

With regard to waiting time, since the patient coordinator organizes your appointments with the top specialist prior to your coming to Poland, this ensures that once you have seen the doctor, any further treatment required will be arranged quickly and efficiently.


How do I get to Poland?

There are a lot of convenient, direct flights to Poland from many foreign countries. We will help you decide on the best and most economical travel option to Poland.


How long a stay in Poland is necessary?

The time of your stay will depend on the character of surgery/treatment that you are receiving. A specific estimation of the treatment duration will be created for your individual case during your first visit along with your treatment plan.


Is it safe to travel so far after the medical procedure?

Our travel plans will be dictated by your physical and psychological condition. We will always counsel you of our recommendation on this subject and observe the time needed for recuperation.


Our privacy policy

We have very high security standards when transferring medical information. Our patients' privacy is of major importance to us, and we will never share any of your personal information without your consent.


What is the risk?

There is an inseparable risk in each medical treatment. Our object is to minimize the risks by cooperating only with accredited clinics and highly - certified medical specialists who deliver a high quality of care.


How much I can save on treatment in Poland?

Savings can be from 30 – 80%, depending upon the procedure and treatment.