About us (short - homepage)



With the decision to open a dental clinic we set ourselves the objective of creating a space which would be extremely friendly to our patients. We wanted to make our customers smile even more beautiful every day. We focused on qualified staff, excellent equipment, but also unclichéd approach to the space, where every day we take care of our patients. Our clinic is an extraordinary place. It is not only the dental care center, but also a small art gallery. Art, which you can take home with you. Thanks to the cooperation with young artists, our offices and lobby are constantly changing. And it's not only about the changes associated with the rotation of images that customers will be able to purchase from us, but above all, of disenchantment spaces that are associated with dental procedures. Art fills our interior, giving it a different, unconventional dimension. With the element of surprise, however, because this type of art is not permanently inscribed in the decor of dental clinics, we give our customers the ability to focus thoughts on something else, apart from the real purpose of the visit. It creates an unique atmosphere of the place and makes us stand out from the competition.